Crew3 Extra Life 2021 - Webcam Pioneer

Organized by: Crew3 Podcast

Platform: Paper

Free to Play | Invite Only | Format: Pioneer | Ended | 14 of 64 Enrolled Players

Important Update In Regards To Proxies, Please See Rules Section for Defails

Extra Life, Episode 100, and Monthly Webcam Event? Sometimes things line up just right. Once again, the prestigious title of Crew3 Champion is up for grabs; only this time we're streaming it! That's right, for this event the Crew3 boys will be streaming and commentating over matches as part of our Extra Life 2021 Charity Stream. So sleeve up your favorite pioneer deck, or play something you've always wanted to using our Extra Life Incentive.

Link to the Discord:

To play in this event you will need to be a member of our discord. At the begining of each round you'll get your table assignment and head over to one of our virtual tables/voice channels, and using webcams play out the round with your opponent. Those selected for a feature match will be required to use Spelltable instead of discord, so please be sure that your setup can accomodate for that. Since this is on paper we'll be on a 55min round time to give ample time to play games and let everybody get connected. Number of rounds will be based on player count.

Crew3 Webcam Proxy Rules-

1)Players may have up to 12 cards proxied between their main deck and sideboard

2)If a player elects to use proxies they must either take the form of a colored printout make from a website such as mtgpress,MTGGoldfish's proxy maker, or be neatly written out on one of the new Cards detailed with relevant text. Essentially please refrain from writing on card backs or using basic lands, and make sure the are recognizable on a webcam.

Special Extra Life Rules If you donated at least $10 to our extra life campaign, please notify the organizer day of so we can mark you down as being allowed unlimted proxies in the event. Other proxy rule about legibility still apply.

You can donate here:

Feature Match Info If you are selected for a feature match, you will be sent a spelltable link by the organizers at the start of the round. Please join that table so we can stream your match.

1st place will be awarded the prestigious Crew3 Championship Title Belt png and have their name emblazened in gold on our discord.

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Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.