Frequently Asked Questions

How can I stay updated on the newest features and information about

Follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to stay up to date on changes to

How can I become an organizer and run my own tournaments or leagues using

In the next several months we will be accepting applications for new organizers. You can apply using this page. While we are getting the site off the ground, we will be approving a very small number of applications. In the future, the organizing of tournaments and leagues will be open to everyone.

How do I create my own player profile?

Whenever you create an account using, a player profile is automatically created for you. To view or edit this profile page, simply click here or click on the profile image next to the search bar at the top of the page.

How do I give feedback about my experience with

You can use the feedback link at the top of the page to submit feature requests, report bugs, or report user behavior. You can also email us at for any other questions or issues.

What types of tournament structures are supported by supports Swiss, single elimination, podded, round robin, four player free-for-all, and any combination of these structures for MTG Arena and in-person tournaments.

What types of registration options are supported by supports a few different registration options:
  • Invite only tournaments - Organizers can give a generated code to their players so that they can register themselves in the tournament or organizers can pre-register players using those players emails or MTG Arena screen names.
  • Open registration tournaments - Organizers can set an entry fee that is payable directly in the browser. (Payment is handled by Stripe)
  • Charity tournaments - Organizers can set a variable entry fee so that players are able to choose the amount they wish to pay for donation purposes to a charity. (Payment is handled by Stripe. The total amount of entry fees is returned to the organizer minus the Stripe fees.)

Do I need any supportive software in order to play in or run tournaments on

Our goal is for to incorporate everything a player or organizer needs to participate in an online tournament. Decklists, result submission, player chat, tournament announcements, and many more features are built-in the MTG Melee client to make it as easy as possible to participate.

How many players can participate in a tournament or league?

During the next few months we are placing a cap of 1,000 players per tournament or league (unless otherwise pre-approved) to ensure a smooth and enjoyable tournament for all. However, there is practically no technical limitation on the number of players can support and we can't wait to see how large of a tournament we can host for you.

Do you plan on supporting other games, like Hearthstone?

Yes, absolutely yes! We are currently focusing on Magic Arena for now, but future plans include supporting other card games.