Entry Fee and Payment Policies

Updated July 14th, 2021
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This page describes our policies around organizers taking entry fees and recieving payouts.

Enabling the use of entry fees

After you have created your organization, you can enable entry fees for your tournaments by connecting a PayPal account in your organization’s dashboard. By enabling entry fees you agree to the Terms of Service and agree to follow all of Wizards of the Coast's community guidelines.

Links to Wizard's community guidelines:

Payment Methods

Players have the ability to pay fees using several payment method options. This feature does not require any additional setup by the organizer. Not all payment methods are available on every device and in every region.

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All entry fees and organizer payouts use USD currency.


Refunds are automatically processed whenever a player unenrolls themselves before the start of the tournament or manually by the organizer using the Tournament Controller. The refunded amount equals the total amount of money collected including the app fee.

Default Application Fee Policies

An app fee is applied to all entry fees and is charged in addition to entry fees set by the organizer. The default app fee policies are subject to change and are outlined here:

Type Base Percentage Min Fee Min Floor Max Ceiling
Tournament Entry Fees 10.00 % $1.00 $10.00 $100.00
Explaination of terms:


Entry fee payouts to organizers are automatically distributed after a tournament has ended. Every Tuesday morning eastern time each tournament that has ended more than a week before will be paid out. Payouts go to the PayPal account connected to your organization. The total amount of the payout for each tournament equals the total amount of money collected in entry fees minus the application fee for each entry. PayPal charges a fee for payout transaction (Typically $0.25 per payout).

Tournaments whose status is not set to “Ended” will not be paid out. Typically, tournaments automatically end whenever the last pairing result is submitted.


Reports containing information about tournament entries can be downloaded from your organization dashboard.