What is MTG Melee?

At MTGMelee, we want to provide you with the best online platform for the coordination of tournaments and leagues for both online and tabletop events. Through MTGMelee, tournament organizers will be able to provide their players with an easily navigable online tournament experience.

Who are we?

Jason Flatford - President and Chief Technical Officer

Jason fell in love with tournament operations in 2010 when he became a Magic Judge. Soon after he accepted a job with StarCityGames.com as an Organized Play Coordinator and Software Developer. During his tenure with SCG, Jason was technology lead on many of Magic’s largest tournaments to date. Since then he has moved into the network security field, but never lost touch with Magic.

Steve Port - Chief Executive Officer

Steve's involvement in organized play predates Magic itself! Steve started organizing Wizards of the Coast sanctioned events in 1994, and quickly became a Premier Events organizer in 1997. From 2001-2015 Steve organized Grand Prix events, and even the Pro Tour side events from 2007-2011. In 2009 he started Legion Supplies, and MTGProshop in 2016 which are both still active.

Brad Nelson - Marketing Manager

Brad started his Magic career on Magic Online before becoming a pro player in 2009. Soon after he began creating content for StarCityGames.com, and eventually moved to Roanoke, VA to start the Vs Series. In 2019 he became a part of the Magic Pro League, and plays the game at the highest levels while still producing top-shelf content.

With a combined total of five decades worth of Magic: the Gathering experience, our mission is to help push this game into the Esports era. We love Magic, and want to see it have all the tools it needs for players to enjoy it. Tournament organization and operations was our strength so that’s where we started, but it’s not going to be where we stop.

What is the goal?

That’s simple, it’s to provide the best experience for both community-based organizers and their players. With MTG Melee, organizers will be able to smoothly run Swiss events, bracketed tournaments, and even custom leagues. All of these events will be able to support single player or variable-sized teams as well.

The plan is to not only make MTG Melee easy to use for Organizers, but also the players. Everything needed to run a tournament will be on the site itself. Well, besides the games of course! Deck submission, pairings, opponent’s decklists, standings, chat support with opponent’s and tournament organizers, and previous tournament results all in one place. These, and so much more are currently in the works for MTG Melee.

Why Magic: the Gathering?

The quick answer is Magic Arena. Wizards of the Coast has invested tens of millions of dollars into their new gaming platform, and has made the push into the esports ecosystem. “Strike while the ironworks is hot”, am I right?

The deeper truth is simpler though; we love this game. We’ve all worked closely with it for over a decade, and want to see Magic have all the tools it needs for players to enjoy it. Right now Magic Arena does not support tournaments, and we want to fix that. Our goal is that with MTG Melee everyone around the world can experience the joy of playing well run events from the comfort of their own homes.