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Insight Esports Presents: Wednesday Limited!

Organized by: Insight eSports

Platform: MTG Arena

Come join us on Wednesday evening for three rounds of Limited action! Cash and Insights prized out based on record after three swiss rounds.

Entry Fee: $10.00 + $1.34 | Open Registration | Format: Limited | Ended | 18 of 16 Enrolled Players

Insight Esports Presents: Wednesday Limited!

Why should you come join us for Limited action every Wednesday? Not only is cash up for grabs by crushing your opponents, but Insights that apply to more benefits including byes and free Open Series entries! Check out all the details about the Insights leaderboard at InsightEsports.Net!

Time: 4:00 PM PDT

Entry: $10 + MTG Melee Fee

Format: Limited - Best of Three (MTG Arena)

Maximum Capacity: 16 Players!(We are testing this as a format in our events. If it runs smoothly we will be expanding to more players.)

Rounds: Three Rounds


3-0 Record: $40 USD + 3 Insights

2-1 Record: $15 USD + 1 Insights

How does limited work in this daily event?

We are utilizing a Third-party website to draft together! The website is MTGA Drafts. We will ask each player to join our Discord and get into a call together. We will then have everyone share their screens for our Staff. Players will not be able to see your stream unless they join it, which we would notice. No cheaters allowed!

After the draft is completed. The fourty-five card draft will be imported into Arena by you and we will upload it onto MTG Melee so your opponents can see your pool. Be aware, your exact list will not be shown. It will only show your pool that was drafted!

You will be required to craft any cards that you are missing from our Strixhaven draft.

Connection/ In Game Issues

All connection issues are the responsibility of the players to work out. Everyone is responsible for their internet/computer to be in working condition! Any in-game issues, that need attention, must be brought to a staff member in a timely manner. All players should be aware of MTG Arena bugs/issues. **All decisions will be final when made by Staff and Tournament Organizers. **


All pairings will be final once posted. Please listen out for any text/audio notifications on new pairings posted. Please consider signing up for SMS notifications on MTGMelee.

All players need to use "Tournament Challenge-Limited" when challenging your opponent.

Players are not allowed to intentionally draw.

Top 8 will be using the Play/Draw Rule. Higher Seed challenges and chooses.

Challenge Issues

Common issues arise when challenging other players, some of these are as follows:

  1. Cannot connect to opponent

  2. Rules/Settings not the same as your opponents

  3. Cannot find username due to error or unrecognizable lettering

Please take the necessary steps to speak to your opponent before contacting a staff member. Adding each other on Friends List, restarting Arena, restarting router, and making sure all challenge details are the same as your opponents are all common fixes.


Some of these daily events will be streamed as part of our coverage. If you are chosen as a feature match, please join our Discord. Once you are in our Discord, please join the "Feature Match waiting area" chat lobby. We will drag you into your own Private lobby for you to share your screen where no one else can see for integrity of the tournament.

By registering for this event, you are agreeing that we are able to use your (username, audio, video, etc.) for our stream/social media purposes.


All prizing is payed out VIA!

Please allow up to 10 days after the tournament has concluded to be contacted about prizing.

Winners will receive an email regarding prizing policies after verifying their identity.

Players will receive all prizes within sixty days of verifying their identity and confirming our payment policy VIA email.

Legal Obligations

All players must be 18 years or older.

All players must abide by all MTG Melee, Wizards of the Coast, and Insight Esports rules/code of conducts.

Our staff reserves the right to drop any player from the tournament by breaking any rules or code of conduct. Refunds, for this reason, will not be permitted.

Insight Esports Presents: Wednesday Limited!

Players who do not submit decklists will be penalized or dropped from the tournament.

Draft Begins: 4:00 PM PDT

Round 1 Begins: 5:15 PM PDT

Insight Esports Presents: Wednesday Limited!

3-0 Record: $40 USD + 3 Insights

2-1 Record: $15 USD + 1 Insights

Please join our community Discord! Please let us know if you have any concerns or feedback. We appreciate every one of our players!

Glitch /insightesportsca OFFLINE

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Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.