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Aeny's Turnament

Organized by: Aeny

Platform: MTG Arena

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 35 of 128 Enrolled Players

Welcome to Magic: The Gathering Arena Aeny's Tournaments. Take part in Standard BO3 Swiss format games in order to win prizes. There's no entry fee so there's nothing to lose. All you need to do is build and submit a deck, register and compete with other players. Show your skills!

Tournament will be in Standard format: Best of 3 swiss 6 rounds. Being on discord is required (join at this link Finals will be cut to top 8 players. Decklist - required - open. Each round will be 50 minutes. 10 minutes after a round is paired, if a player has not show up, the player will lose the current round and will be dropped from the event. Once you have received your pairing, use the Direct Challenge in MTG Arena to challenge your opponent. Set up your match by selecting "Tournament Match". Remember that MTG Arena user names are case sensitive. At the conclusion of your match, it is recommended that you take a screen shot of your match result screen as a proof in case of any problems. If a player's MTG Arena timer reaches 0:00, that player loses the match. Players are fully responsible for the presence and stability of an internet connection as well as for the stability of the system running MTG Arena. Any types of connection issue, bugs, anything related to your game crashing/not functioning properly is the sole responsibility of the player and will not result in restarting the match.

You need to be 18+ to claime the prize (prize will be send in 2days via paypal)

1st place $25 2nd place $15 3rd place $10

Aeny#3771 - pls select mtg arena role

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* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.