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Stream League 3

Organized by: Charizard_James

Platform: MTG Arena

Free to Play | Invite Only | Format: Historic | Ended | 26 of 32 Enrolled Players

A single-day tournament with some of your favorite streamers.

The tournament will be broadcast on and hosted on You're more than welcome to stream your matches on your own Twitch channels.

Single Day Tournament Historic Format Swiss cut to top 8, top 8 plays out to 1st.

  1. What day and what time is this starting? Sunday, May 2nd, at 11:00amEST.
  1. Do we have any prizes? $1,000 prize pool from Cool Stuff Inc.
Glitch /charizard_james OFFLINE

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Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.