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CFB Clash Championship

Organized by: Channelfireball

Platform: MTG Arena

The Championship For the CFB Clash. Find Details about how the players Qualified at

Free to Play | Invite Only | Format: Standard | Ended | 63 of 64 Enrolled Players

Swiss pairings, best-of-3 60 minute round timer

Day 1 will have 2 Stages, 3 rounds each. 6 rounds total

Stage 1 - Rounds 1-3

Players will be split into groups based on if they made Top 8 or Top 16 in a qualifier.

We will play 3 Rounds where players are paired Swiss style within their group.

Once a player gets two wins they will move on. Two losses and they move down. Round 3 will only have the 1-1 players.

For top 8 players, 2 win players go to Sunday. 2 Loss players go to Stage 2.

For Top 16 players, 2 wins go to Stage 2, 2 losses and you are eliminated.

Stage 2 - Rounds 4-6

Identical to Stage 1, but players are in one group. 2 wins and you go to Sunday, 2 losses and you are eliminated.

Day 2 - Top 32 Single Elimination

Both Days start at 9AM PT

1st: $10,000 2nd: $3,000 3rd-4th: $1,500 5th-8th: $1,000 9th-16th: $750 17th-32nd: $250

If you have any comments or questions head on over to our discord!

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Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.