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Plague League: Monday Night Magic

Organized by: Plague League

Platform: MTG Arena

Plague League is creating a community of digital TCG players at We present two weekly MTGA leagues including "Monday Night Magic" (standard) and "Brawl 4 All" (Wednesday night, Brawl).

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 18 of 32 Enrolled Players

Plague League: Monday Night Magic

8PM Eastern/7 Central


Format: Arena Standard Pairings: Best of 3 Swiss rounds, number of rounds based on number of participants Time limit: 50 minute rounds, rounds will start early if all matches are concluded. Draws: If any match goes to a timelimit, the match will be scored as a tie. Reporting: both players are required to report scores after each round via the MTGMelee tournament page. Failure to report may result in penalties up to and including round loss, draw, or drop from tournament. Crashes: if a player’s game client disconnects and the player is unable to reconnect in order to complete the round, that player will be issued a round loss. If both players disconnect and the match is unable to continue, the round will be scored a tie.


All tournament chat will be conducted on the Plague League Discord server. During the tournament, each match will have it’s own voice channel. Both players are expected to join a voice channel but are not compelled to use it.

If a player is being verbally abusive via the Discord voice server, their opponent is encouraged to direct message a tournament admin to supervise the chat. If the abusive language continues, the player will face sanctions up to and including disqualifications and bans from future events.


When pairings are posted, find your opponent on the MTGMelee tournament page. Then either find an empty Discord voice channel (marked with “Table #”) or find your opponent in a voice server.

Challenges must be issued with the following settings:

Tournament match Best of three (3) Coin Flip Arena Standard Cards Timers On

Once the match is played to it’s conclusion, both players must report their scores to the Aetherhub tournament page. Failure to do so as a winner may result in a round loss or drop from tournament. If neither player from a match reports their score, it will be recorded as a draw.

If reporting an intentional or agreed upon draw, please submit that score as “0-0-3”. If you have played one match and wish to submit an intentional draw, please submit that score as “1-1-1”.

Once the round begins, players have 10 minutes to find their opponent, issue the challenge and begin the match. After 10 minutes any player that has not joined a match, the waiting player will reward themself with two wins and mark the “no show” checkmark for their opponent via the Aetherhub tournament page.

Glitch /theplagueleague OFFLINE


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.