What's New at Melee.gg

Beta Version 5/5/2022

Minor Updates
  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to set letter ranges for printing.
  • Added an Unenrollment End Date to tournaments to restrict when players can unenroll themselves.
  • Added the ability for organizers to update the date of their DreamHack tournaments.
  • Added a button for creating a Melee tournament for registration based off of a scheduled DreamHack tournament.
  • Disabled Facebook login until an issue can be fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Drop button on the Player Controller to sometimes do nothing.

Beta Version 4/27/2022

Minor Updates
  • Added support for the new Explorer format.
  • Fixed an error that caused dropdown menus in tables to not properly display.
  • Fixed an error with registration only tournaments that caused the player controller to require decklists.

Beta Version 4/25/2022

Minor Updates
  • Added labels to navigation dropdown menus on mobile.
  • Removed buttons on the Tournament Controller when those buttons are disabled due to staff role.
  • Moved tournament details to collapsed cards on the Player and Tournament Controllers when on mobile.
  • Added hint text and documentation links to some tabs on the Tournament Controller.
  • Added RCQ tournament information to the organization dashboard.
  • Added a hovercard for tournament venue information.
  • Dropping a player with a no-show penalty now correctly sets their status to Dropped – Staff.
  • Added a timeout for MeleeRT server connection notifications so they appear less often when internet connection is bad.
  • The decklist section no longer appears on the Player Controller when a decklist is optional and not required.
  • Updated the match result submission card to turn bright yellow when the match result is not submitted.
  • When a modal is opened on mobile the screen scrolls to the top of the page to display the modal.
  • Fixed an issue with premium subscriptions that caused some subscriptions to not auto-renew.
  • Fixed several other display issues on mobile.

Beta Version 4/13/2022

Minor Updates
  • Added ability for organizers to purshase and set expected dates for their DreamHack RCQs.
  • Updated the FAQ page.
  • Added player id to decklist export on Tournament Controller.
  • Added a confirmation box to the unenroll button on the tournament view page.

Beta Version 4/7/2022

Minor Updates
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to need to repeatedly confirm their email addresses.

Beta Version 4/3/2022

Minor Updates
  • Added a DreamHack tab to the organizer dashboard.
  • Added the ability for organizers to see and delete their DreamHack applications in their organizer dashboard.
  • Streamlined the creation of new user accounts by removing optional fields.

Beta Version 3/31/2022

Minor Updates
  • Added ability to apply for DreamHack RCQs.
  • Fixed an issue where ads could cover portions of other elements.

Beta Version 3/20/2022

Match Result Submission

We were having an issue where the popup confirmation box wasn't showing up on screen for mobile users while submitting match results. We have removed this popup.

Now whenever a player submits a result, the submission form changes to a confirmation form. The player may then confirm the result or cancel and go back to result submission. We hope that this is a better experience for mobile users.

Minor Updates
  • Links on dashboard menus now collapse the menu when clicked on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue that caused tournament controller tables to not update after submitting some forms.