What's New at Melee

This page journals the ongoing development of Melee.

Beta Version 11/16/2022

Decklist Printing

Organizers now have the ability to print player decklists from the Tournament Controller. Organizers have a ton of options for collation, ordering, language, and grouping of decklists. Organizers can print decklists for an individual player, an individual match, or all decklists submitted for the tournament.

Player Experience Surveys

We've added several links to the Player Controller to surveys to collect information about player experience while at tournaments. This 1 minute survey allows players to provide feedback about Melee and organizers. We hope organizers will be able to use this information to improve player experiences at events.


Melee with the help of Magic judges and Wizards has translated the site into each several new languages!

  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portugues
  • Chinese
  • Japanese

You can change your preferred language in your user settings.

Removal of Ads and Sunsetting of Melee Premium

Melee Premium was not achieving the goals it was created for so we've decided to remove Premium from the site. We plan on revisiting Melee Premium in 2023. Features that were locked behind Melee Premium will be available to current Melee Premium subscribers until Decemeber 17th, when they will become available to all users. This includes the Archetype Matrix and Advance Decklist Search.

Also, there's no ads on the site anymore. We likely will add more relevant ads to the site in the future. For example, ads for tournament organizers and their tournaments. In the meantime, enjoy an ad free experience.

Minor Updates
  • Updated the name of the Arena Direct Challenge Id on the tournament registration page.
  • Fixed an issue with removal of tournaments from a tournament hub.
  • Removed player check-in from the Player Controller when check-in is ignored by the tournament.

Beta Version 9/12/2022

Minor Updates
  • The tournaments page now defaults to “Table” mode.
  • Past tournament hubs no longer appear on the organization view page.
  • Updated the error message whenever a player attempts to submit a result that was already submitted.
  • Added links to Wizard’s account creation pages to tournament registration page.
  • Fixed an issue that led to players with non-English characters in their name not appearing on printouts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an error when clicking on the player card in the standings table of the tournament controller.
  • Standings no longer appear for playoff phases of tournaments.
  • Fixed an issue with “Whichever is greater” phase cut type.
  • Added notifications for organizers on tournament pages whenever the tournament is not yet published.
  • Removed the “CSV” button from tables.

Beta Version 9/7/2022

International Currency Support

Supporting a greater number of tournaments outside of the US has led us to prioritize support for non-USD currencies. Organizers are now able to select their preferred currency when creating a tournament and players will then register using that currency. The amount stays in that currency all the way until the organizer receives their reimbursement at the end of the tournament, so there are no exchange fees. International currencies have their own payment policies and fees, which you can view on the Entry Fees and Payments page.

We also now support payments made via Venmo!

Minor Updates
  • Tournament Venue fields now populate your organization’s entire list of venues when selecting.
  • Clarified data sharing with organizers on the Melee Privacy Policy page.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Arena Direct Challenge Ids to not be required during tournament registration.
  • Added Wizards Account Email to the list of possible tournament preregistration keys.
  • Fixed an issue that led to tables on the tournament controller to not be viewable by tournament staff.
  • Users no longer need to create a PayPal account when using PayPal to pay via a credit card.

Beta Version 8/24/2022

DreamHack Regional Championship Qualifiers - Round Two

Over the last month we’ve been working with DreamHack and Wizards to start offering RCQ Event Kits for Round Two. The process from applying to run Regional Championship Qualifiers (RCQs) all the way to submitting RCQ winner information has been streamlined for this round. If you have previously been approved to host RCQs, you have automatically been approved and allocated kits for this round. Find more information about RCQ’s at https://mtgmelee.com/DreamHack.

Minor Updates
  • Overhauled the application process for DreamHack event kits.
  • Added RCQs to the top navigation bar for players and organizers to easily find RCQ information.

Beta Version 8/2/2022

Minor Updates
  • Added a "Removed By" column to players table on Tournament Controller.
  • Judges can no longer double no show matches.
  • Fixed filtering of players by status on the Tournament Controller.
  • Fixed issues with the standings table and export on the Tournament Controller.

Beta Version 7/14/2022

Minor Updates
  • Added "Your Seatings" table to Player Controller.
  • Added the ability to publish seatings to the Player Controller.
  • Print-out window now auto-selects the current round whenever it is opened.
  • Fixed an issue with generating seatings for non draft phases.
  • Added the ability to add players to pods after generation.
  • Closed all DreamHack RCQ applications and purchases.

Beta Version 7/13/2022

The Draft Pods and Seatings Update

Podded Matches

Organizers now can create tournament phases for 8-player and 4-player podded play. When a phase is podded, seatings and pairings are separated into 8 or 4 player pods. Players will be paired within pods given their position in the current standings. Seatings and pairings for podded phases fit traditional competitive rules established for past in-person tournaments.


Organizers now can generate and print seatings for Draft, Build, and Players’ Meeting sections of tournaments. Players’ Meeting seatings are ordered by player name. Build seatings are collated by pod. For Draft, players are seated into pods instead of using table numbers.

Minor Updates
  • Added Pod Size field to Phase form.
  • Added phase and round selectors to the multi-print modal form.
  • Added several new print options for seatings to the multi-print modal form.
  • Added new Pods and Seatings tabs to the tournament controller.
  • Fixed an issue where some select fields did not accept keyboard inputs.
  • Moved Fixed Table and Player Status editors to the Player Card.
  • Updated the player export function on the tournament controller.
  • Changed various default settings on the tournament creation page for reflect in-person play.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Fixed Tables to not be released when a player drops from the tournament.
  • Added seatings and pod information to the Player Card.

Beta Version 7/1/2022

Minor Updates
  • Updated entry fee policy for paper events.
  • Added a new Service Level Agreement policy page.
  • Added a new Tournament Data API policy page.
  • Updated the Entry Fee and Payments page.
  • Updated the Terms of Service.
  • Added charity tournament policies to Entry Fee and Payments page.