Mercadian Masques Block Constructed 2021 World Championship

Organized by: testuser1

Platform: MTG Online

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Vintage | Ended | 6 of 127 Enrolled Players

Given as these will most likely be first games of Mercadian Masques Block Constructed played this year and possibly this decade, the winner of this event will be the crowned the 2021 Mercadian Masques World Champion up until the point that Wizards of the Coast sends a cease and desist order for that title.

  1. Format: The format of this event is Mercadian Masques Block Constructed with minor modifications. All cards in a players decklist must have had a printing in either the Mercadian Masques, Nemesis, or Prohpecy sets. The current legend rule, mulligan rule, and other modern rulings will be used as interpreted by MTGO. Lin Sivvi, Defiant Hero is legal. Rishadan Port is banned.
  2. Decklists: Decklists are required for this event. As a Mercadian Masques Block Constructed is not a supported format, they will have to be reviewed for legality manually before the event. If an issue is found before the event, you may change your list before the event. If an issue is missed and spotted during the event, it will result in a disqualification. The tournament organizer offers no guaruntee that errors will be spotted so be vigilant.
  3. Tournament Structure: The structure will be a number of swiss rounds based on number of entries with a cut to top 8. Structure is subject to change based on number of entrants.
  4. Incorrect Decklist Use: It is up to a player to be vigilant of whether or not their opponent's list matches their decklist. If a discrepency is found, screenshots should be taken as evidence and a gameloss is awarded to the offending player. The match will then resume from whatever game the gameloss was awarded in with the correct list (if presideboard, the match begins from presideboard. If post, a player will conced game 1 of the new match and the match will continue post sideboard.) If a player is awarded 2 gamelosses for incorrect decklist, they will be disqualified. Be careful!
  5. Late Policy: If a player is not ready within 5 minutes of a new round they will be given a game loss. The Match will then begin from game 1 (presideboard). If a player is 15 minutes late, a match loss will be given.
  6. Screenshots: Please take a screenshot of any violation to avoid disputes.
  7. Location: Matches will be played in the freeform tournament practice rooms on MTGO. Each player should have 25 minutes to play the match. If 40 minutes is chosen by mistake, either restart the match or make sure the round is finished before 25 minutes on a player's clock passes. If a player takes longer than 25 minutes, take a screenshot and a match loss will be given to the player who is over time.
  8. Screen Sharing: screensharing on platforms like discord and twitch is allowed. Help recieved from viewers on that platform is allowed.
  9. Streaming: Streaming is allowed. However, as it cannot be enforced with certainty, there is no punishment for stream sniping. Stream at your own risk.
  10. Feature Matches: A player may volunteer to have their match feature on a twitch livestream. The stream will have a 5 minute delay to protect from stream snipering. The logistics of this will be detailed at a later date. A player volunteering to be a feature match may not double queue in another event.
  11. Splitting: Splitting is not allowed.
  12. Communication: A discord server has been set up to ask general questions and to help facilitate streaming feature matches. Joining is not required to participate.
  13. Players are expected to follow all other terms outlined in the MTGO terms of service.

The start date and time was chosen to allow the most people to enter based on timezone without conflicting with any other scheduled MTGO event. If the number of participants is large enough, it may be moved to a weekend to accomadate more rounds. Top 8 participants may all agree to play the top 8 at a later date if they all believe it is too late in the evening to continue.

1st: 100tix 2nd: 50 tix 3rd-4th: 25 tix 5th-8th: 10 tix

An additional 20 tix will be awarded to the highest finishing non-rebel deck. A non-rebel deck is defined as any deck that contains no white creatures with the rebel creature type.

Link to support discord:

Any 'official' coverage of the event will be run through this discord. If you wish to have your match featured as a feature match, you must join this discord.

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Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.