Roll Play MTG Arena XNM 25-APR (Brawl BO1)

Organized by: Kooky Curious Roll Play Game Lounge

Platform: MTG Arena

Free to Play | Open | Format: Brawl | Ended | 10 of 1000 Enrolled Players

Roll Play Game Lounge's MTG ARENA LEAGUE continues Saturday, 25-April 6:00PM

  • Each event will fire with at least 8 players. Should there be a little more, has to be an even number of players
  • Register for the event in "Roll Play MTG Arena XNM 25-APR"
  • Join the Roll Play MTG Arena Facebook chat for all the text announcements
  • Join the Roll Play MTG Discord server Voice channel for audio announcements
  • For this Tournament, NO ENTRY FEE
  • Submit deck list in before the start of the tournament
  • Check in to the Tournament to indicate that you are online If you do not check-in and not active in FB chat or discord, you might get dropped
  • Pairings will be made for checked-in players by 6PM. Notification will be c/o
  • Check in to your match to indicate that you are online and setting up your challenge invite
  • Ensure that you and your opponent have the same match details in Arena: Type: Challenge Match Deck Type Brawl Best of One Coin Flip
  • Number of rounds: 4 swiss rounds with cut to Top X up to 16 players - Top 4 18 players up - Top 8
  • Rounds results must be reported in player function by the round winner
  • In-game time will NOT be used. Rounds have a time limit of 25 minutes for BO1 and 45 minutes for BO3. Remainin time to be announced in FB chat and Discord
  • Once "Time!" is called, ongoing matches must finish their last five turns starting with turn 0 for the current player. After 5 minutes and the match is not yet done, for BO1 match will end in a Draw (0-0), and for BO3 will also end in a Draw unless a player has a game advantage (1-0)
  • Prizes are as follows for Saturday 25-APR 1st - Premium promo pack 2nd - Regular promo pack
  • Format for Saturday 25-APR: Brawl BO1
  • Join only with stable internet connectivity
  • In case of disconnections, opponents need to be notified immediately. Wait time for BO1 and BO3 is 10 minutes. If still disconnected, round win for the online player.


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.