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Magic Online Society - Community Modern League

Organized by: The Magic Online Society

Platform: MTG Online

Welcome to the Community Modern League presented to you by The Magic Online Society. This event will be 3-4 rounds of swiss depending on player turnout. Prizes will be awarded to top 4 and 1 person as a door prize.

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Modern | Ended | 12 of 128 Enrolled Players

Hello and welcome to the Magic Online Society's Community Modern League!! Every Monday 7 PM EST! This event will be 4 rounds of swiss on MTGO. Free to play with prizes awarded to top 4! Please visit rules section prior to registering and playing!

The Magic Online Society: Your Digital LGS!

  1. You must have a legal modern deck on MTGO
  2. You must be a member of the Magic Online Society Discord so mods can help if you have any issues ( 3 Please check in prior to event both in MTGMelee & Discord
  3. Please register before 7pm EST, we have set registration and start time to 7:05PM EST to allow for issues to be resolved.
  4. Please upload your decklist prior to event, those without a legal decklist will be dropped from the event.

Please note that you are expected to join and be available within the Magic Online Society discord channel to help keep the tournament running smoothly.

Every Monday at 7pm EST!

1st through 4th get packs from Modern-legal sets. 1st: 4 packs 2nd: 3 packs 3rd: 2 packs 4th: 1 pack

Door prize: 5 player reward packs

Contact the Mods within the discord for help and any other information needed.

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* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.