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Black Pearl Tournament Qualifier #1

Organized by: Black Pearl Club

Platform: MTG Arena

Group of competitive Magic the gathering players, with ESP origin. Members of a healthy, friendly and fun community!

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 84 of 120 Enrolled Players

Welcome to the BLACK PEARL tournament.

1st Qualifier:

Date: May 16th, 2021

Time: 4 PM CEST

Entry Fee: Free

Format: Standard (Best Of Three)

Rounds: 6 of Swiss without top

The tournament consists of 2 parts:

  • 3 QUALIFIERS: Each with free entry, which give access to individual prizes and entry to the FINAL CHAMPIOSNSHIP

  • FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 single tournament with money prizes.

  • Entry: by Qualifiers / 5€ / twitch subscriber

The prizes of this tournament are still described in the tab: PRIZES.

Go to the SCHEDULE tab to see the dates

In-game / connection issues

All connection problems are the responsibility of the players. Everyone is responsible that their internet / computer is in working condition! Any gambling problem that requires attention should be reported to a staff member in a timely manner. All players should be aware of MTG Arena bugs / issues.

All decisions will be final when made by tournament organizers and staff.


All pairings will be final once posted. Please listen out for any text/audio notifications on new pairings posted. Please consider signing up for SMS notifications on MTGMelee.

All players need to use "Tournament Challenge-Standard" when challenging your opponent.

Players are not allowed to intentionally draw.

Top 8 will be using the Play/Draw Rule. Higher Seed challenges and chooses.


All prizing is payed out VIA!

Please allow up to 10 days after the tournament has concluded to be contacted about prizing.

Legal Obligations

All players must be 18 years or older.

All players must abide by all MTG Melee, Wizards of the Coast, and Insight Esports rules/code of conducts.

Our staff reserves the right to drop any player from the tournament by breaking any rules or code of conduct. Refunds, for this reason, will not be permitted.

Qualifiers' Dates:

  • 1st Quali. 16th May 4:00PM CEST
  • 2nd Quali. 23th May 4:00PM CEST
  • 3rd Quali. 30th May 4:00PM CEST
  • Final Champsionship 5th June 4:00PM CEST

At each qualifier (entry free):

  • 1st: place for Final Championship 5th June. and 2 Secret Lair code for MTG Arena
  • 2nd: place for Final Championship 5th June. and 1 Secret Lair code for MTG Arena

Final Championship: (entry by Qualified / 5€ / twitch subscriber)

  • 1st: 100€
  • 2nd: 50€
  • 3-4th: 20€

You can send us a private message by any of these ways:

Rapsolo (discord: RAPSOLO#2496 / twitter: @RapsoloM)

R8 (discord: r8rak2#6642 / twitter: @R_de_Prodi)





Glitch /rapsolo_ OFFLINE

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Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.