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Mana Clash Series Strixhaven: Historic 02 FREE ENTRY

Organized by: Mana Clash Series

Platform: MTG Arena

A competitive Magic series. For players, by players.

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Historic | Ended | 18 of 64 Enrolled Players

Each participant will need to join the ManaClash Discord so that we can broadcast player's screens through the "Share Screen" feature in Discord.

This is the the second tournmant of our ongoing Tournament Series where players compete, earn prizes, and Clash Points in hopes of Qualifying for the end of season Mana Clash Series Invitational.

This event will be LIVE streamed on at 10am CST on 5.2.21.

Each Match Round win earns players 3 Clash Points. (Which will be logged and kept in a google drive until season's end.)

The Winner of this event will also earn $10 in store credit at Iggy's Pop Shop!


Decklists are open and will be automatically provided by MTG Melee at the start of each round. Players will have 5 minutes to check in for their match once pairings are posted. Pay attention to audio and SMS notifications (set this up on your profile!) for new pairings.

Pairings will be done using the Direct Challenge feature on Magic the Gathering Arena.

Players are not allowed to intentionally draw.

Match Recordings & Coverage

Recording your matches with screen recording software is HIGHLY recommended. If there are any disputes about deck contents, deck legality, or unsporting conduct during your match, we may request video evidence to aid in our investigation.

Additionally, LIVE video coverage of this event will be provided by the Mana Clash Series. Players may be asked to share their screen in the Mana Clash Discord Server to enable us to find matches for coverage. Please make sure you are a member of the Mana Clash Discord.

You ARE allowed to stream this event! We recommend using a 10-minute delay and switching your chat to emote-only to avoid any outside assitance. Players who are found to be ghosting the official Mana Clash stream or individual players' streams will be disqualifed from the event. Players are not allowed to use Twitch chat, Discord, or any other form of communication to give or recieve advice during a match.

Connectivity & Bugs

Players are responsible for ensuring they have a stable internet connection. To ensure event integrity, game crashes and restarts will not cause a match in progress to restart. Other issues will be dealt with based on the Magic Digital IPG if possible. All final decisions are based on the sole discretion of the tournament organizer.

There are a few known bugs affecting play on Magic Arena. The intentional exploitation of any Magic Arena bug during the tournament is considerded cheating and is grounds for removal from the event without prize.

Legal Stuff

By particpating in this event, you consent to any recordings of your match being edited and used by Mana Clash Series coverage.

Players must be 18 years or older to participate in this event.

  • Decklists Due & Check-in Time: Sunday, May 5th @ 9:45 AM CST

  • Event Start: Sunday, May 5th @ 10:00 AM CST

  • Swiss Pairings based on attendance.

  • No Top Cut for this tournament.

  • Winner will be determined by whoever is the last player with an undefeated record.

First place (the last player with an undefeated record) will earn $10 in Store Credit at Iggy's Pop Shop.

Each player will earn 3 Points in the Mana Clash Series per each MATCH win.

Players will have to provide a valid email address to the tournament organizers to receive store credit

Have any questions? Contact LessAlex on Twitter or message Mana Clash Series via Twitter DM.

Or message us at the Mana Clash Series on Facebook

Glitch /lessalex OFFLINE


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.