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Hello Good Game - Artisan Artists 11 - HISTORIC ARTISAN

Organized by: Hello Good Game

Platform: MTG Arena

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Historic | Ended | 16 of 128 Enrolled Players

Artisan Artists is our monthly beginner and F2P friendly tournament!


Please join the appropriate chat "#brawl-bowl-" or "#artisan-artists-" and share your MTG Arena IGN so we can all add one another before hand, allowing for efficient matchmaking! It is important we all respect one another time.

Thank you for participating in the foundation of what will become one of MTG Arenas best community tournaments!

Tournament Format: HISTORIC Artisan Arena Specific Cards will be allowed Submit decklists through Discord to Oddfall if you have a conflict with MTG MELEE

Type: Bo3

Join Hello Good Game Discord Artisan Channel after sign up process.


In this Magic: The Gathering Arena format, all cards must be either common or uncommon rarity.

Banned Cards (based on 9/25/2020 FNM Artisan bans)

Cauldron Familiar Zenith Flare

Other than that, the usual rules for Constructed decks apply:

Minimum of 60 cards in the main deck (Maximum 250 cards for main decks) Up to 15 cards in your sideboard, if used Include no more than 4 copies of any individual card in your main deck and sideboard combined (except basic lands) A card must be available at common or uncommon rarity on Magic: The Gathering Arena for it to be legal in this format. If a version of a particular card is only available as a rare/mythic rare on Magic: The Gathering Arena, it is not considered legal for this format (e.g., Narcomoeba).

Players can report their own score.

Tournament challenge with game clock will be used.

We will try the swiss paring bracket method for this tournament similar to DCI and other MTG tournaments. Pairings after round 1 will be based on points rather than win/loss record. Bear with me as we try a new tournament format.

1st: 15$ USD

2nd: 10$ USD

3rd: 5$ USD

Contact Oddfall#2375 on discord if you have any issues

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Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.