Tuesday Arena Pauper

Organized by: A Rising Star

Platform: MTG Arena

Free to Play | Invite Only | Format: Pauper | Ended | 4 of 30 Enrolled Players

For entry into the event, please see our Discord Server in the #mtgmelee-events channel.

Rounds will begin once all results are in and after the TO asks if anyone needs a break prior to the next round begining. If you plan on stepping away after your match (even if other matches are still pending), please message in Discord that you are stepping away and when you return.

Prize Support for the event (Must have at least 4 players): 3-0: 6 Promo Packs 2-0-1: 4 Promo Packs 2-1: 2 Promo Packs 1-2: 1 Promo Pack (This may change based on players who attend and packs available)

Packs will be available for pick up next day at the shop.

We will also offer to mail your packs at the end of the month. Cost will be $5 via Paypal Goods and Services for US shipping (We will throw in an additional Standard Booster Pack to make up the cost to you). Mailing information is asked for at the final event of the month.

You can reach us through our Discord Server in the #mtgmelee-events channel for events(link at the top of the tournament details page)

You can also contact us via facebook message through our page: https://www.facebook.com/arisingstarmn

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Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.