6LACKLOTUS Tournament League #5 (Historic)

Organized by: 6lacklotus

Platform: MTG Arena

6LACKLOTUS Tournament League

Entry Fee: $4.00 + $1.00 | Open Registration | Format: Historic | Ended | 17 of 32 Enrolled Players


We are excited to announce 6LACKLOTUS tournament league will begin January 16th and will run until February 20th.

The tournament will be run every Saturday and will begin at 10AM EST

Rounds: 5 Capped: 32 Players Best of 3 Format

January 16th - Format: Historic January 23rd- Format: Standard January 30th - Format Historic February 6th - Format Standard February 13th - Format Historic February 20th - Format Standard

February 27th - Invitational (Players that earn enough points can qualify for the invitational)

Top Finishers at the end of the season will receive

1st: Zendikar Box Topper 2nd: Zendikar Box Topper 3rd: Foil Promo Pack

How do you qualify for the invitational?

Players can earn points from participating and winning tournament matches

Participation = 3 Points Win = 3 Points Draw = 1 Points Loss = 0 Points

Receive 40 points to qualify for the invitational

The invitational is an invite tournament that is free for those who qualify. The tournament format will be swiss, cut to Top 8

1st: Mythic Invitational Bundle 2nd: Kaldeheim Collectors Booster Pack 3rd: Foil Kadeheim Promo Pack 4th: Foil Kaldeheim Promo Pack 5th - 8th: Promo Pack

*Future prizes TBA


The tournament will be run every Saturday

Rounds: 5 Capped: 32 Players

February 13th - Format Historic February 20th - Format Standard


X - 0 = Foil Promo Pack or Collectors Pack X - 1 = Promo Pack or Regular Pack

Collector Pack and Promo Codes Raffled off to participants at the end of the tournament

www.facebook.com/6lacklotus or email: 6lacklotusgames@gmail.com

Glitch /6lacklotus OFFLINE


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.