Maryellen Goldstein Cancer Treatment Tournament

Organized by: Mythic Games NY

Platform: MTG Arena

Entry Fee: $5.00 + $1.00 | Open Registration | Format: Historic | Ended | 46 of 128 Enrolled Players

Additional donations:

Venmo: raychaelgoldstein

Cash App: raychaelgoldstein


The GoFundMe link above explains my girlfriend Raychael’s predicament in detail. Her mother recently had a stroke, and just as she was beginning to overcome it, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and a brain tumor. Raychael and her family have been struggling financially due to these unfortunate events. This tournament is being run in order to provide a little financial relief for the Goldstein family. Any and all help would be beyond appreciated from Raychael and I.

I want to thank:

Coolstuffinc and Evan Erwin for donating a large chunk of the credit for this event. It really means a lot. Tomáš Pokorny (aka Daninja) for donating credit towards the prize pool as well. Check out his stream at Mythic Games for sponsoring the event


Chris Kvartek

Tournament Coverage Discord:


If you would like to compete but don't have the funds, some very kind individuals are donating entries!


Eric Froelich:


Format: Historic, Best of Three

Number of Rounds: 5 or 6, player dependent. Cut to Top 4

Date: Sunday, January 10th

Time: 12:00pm Eastern Time

1st: $200 store credit at 2nd: $100 store credit at (Generously donated by Daninja) 3rd & 4th: $50 store credit at

Door Prize: 1 Sealed Box of Commander Legends (Shipped anywhere in the U.S.)

Door Prize: $50 BCW Store Credit (Generously donated by Daninja)

Any questions about the tournament can be directed to Michael Grabusky at


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.