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Shadow Showdown

Organized by: The Fanny Pack

Platform: MTG Online

This is the Fanny Pack and Blind Tiger Games Debut MTG Melee tournament so we wanted to do something special!

Entry Fee: $4.00 + $1.00 | Open Registration | Format: Modern | Ended | 8 of 125 Enrolled Players

This is the Fanny Pack and Blind Tiger Games Debut MTG Melee tournament so we wanted to do something special! With all the new toys Death's Shadow decks received in Zendikar Rising and how interesting we find Shadow mirrors we thought it would be fun to throw an all Death's Shadow tournament to crown a Death's Shadow Champion! For deck building requirements please check the rules section! The winner will receive a custom playmat with the custom art shown in our flier for this tournament and an altered Death's Shadow card proving you are the champion as well! Additional prizes in the form of standard boosters will be awarded based on attendance, due to the physical nature of our prize support this is a US only tournament and you do need to provide us with a US address to receive prizes.

Deck Building Rules

We will have some very specific deck building requirements in the interest of maintaining the spirit of this tournament; we want to see Death's Shadows in play making combat math a nightmare! Deck lists will be open and must be submitted prior to the start of the tournament. Your deck must be modern legal and contain 4x Death's Shadow, 4x Thoughtseize, and 15 lands that cause you to lose life one way or another with a max of 18 lands in your deck. In addition Veil of Summer and the dredge mechanic are banned because they make Death's Shadow a sad shade. We wanted to allow as much room for deck building as possible while still making sure they are Death's Shadow decks and not dredge, amulet titan, oops all spells or something to that effect with some shadows thrown in but we did not want to just have an ambigous "spirit of the tournament rule" or force preset decklists on people so these are the motivations behind our odd rules.

If your deck does not meet these requirements you will be disqualified from the tournament so please make sure your deck meets these requirements! We will have open deck lists so if your opponent has an illegal deck that we did not catch message us through discord or MtgMelee and submit a 2-0 result.

Tournament Rules

  • Decklists must be submitted priar to tournament start time
  • You must check in and communicate with your opponent within 10 minutes of the start of the round. After 10 minutes you will recieve a game loss, after 15 a match loss. If your opponent does not show up by the 10 and/or 15 minute mark please message a staff member with the yellow link on the side.
  • If at any point your match timer goes below 15 minutes you lose the match, the winner should take a screenshot as proof and submit the results.
  • If there are any software glitches that prevent you from finishing your match please contact us via the yellow link or our discord channel so we can try to resolve the issue but as a rule of thumb any glitches caused by your internet connection or computer/devices you will be responsible for anything else we will try to reasolve in a reasonable fashion.
  • Any disputes over who won the match will be resolved by a screen shot of the results, so please make sure you take a screen shot when you win to protect yourself.

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Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.