The Jankyard Sunday Gentry Tournament

Organized by: The Jankyard

Platform: MTG Arena

The Jankyard is a Magic Content Creator on Twitch and YouTube who has been hosting weekly Sunday tournaments on MTG Arena since March.

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 8 of 128 Enrolled Players

For this week's Jankyard Sunday Tournament, we are trying a new format: Gentry. Gentry is a Standard-based format with 60-card decks and 15-card sideboards. However, it has very specific deck requirements: no more than 15 uncommons across the main deck and sideboard, and no more than four mythics/rares, across the main deck and sideboard (and Zenith Flare is considered a rare). You cannot use more than one of any individual mythic/rare card - the four mythics/rares all have to be one-ofs.

We are running this event through You will need an account on MTGMelee, which is easy to obtain on the website

Registration for the event is right here on mtgmelee.

You can register at any time before 1 p.m. Central time on Sunday, October 4. The event is free and open to anyone.

Please be sure to check in before 1 p.m. Central to confirm you are present in MTGMelee. Information for the event, including your matchups for each round, will be posted under your player controller on MTGMelee. Please do not refresh your player controller, it will update on its own.

Information about the event will also be posted on The Jankyard's Tournament Town Discord channel: You can post information and ask questions there under #sunday-tournament-announcements.

We will be hosting The Jankyard stream as part of the tournament at The stream goes live an hour before the tournament starts at Noon Central time. The tournament will then officially get under way at 1 p.m. We can provide support for getting signed up to the event during that hour pre-event time. You can watch the stream during the event as JT, the host of The Jankyard, will be streaming his games during the event and may join some players via Discord if he is not playing to commentate on their matches. Information during the event will also be posted on the stream. You do not have to join the stream to play in the tournament but it is a fun way to interact with JT and your fellow competitors.

Each round will start five minutes after pairings are posted. Please challenge your opponent on MTG Arena using their full Arena name and #. For example, JT's is The_Jankyard#49252. Due to recent issues with MTG Arena, please attempt to friend your opponent first to challenge them that way. If your opponent has not responded after 10 minutes, please let organizers know through MTGMelee. Don't forget to check in for each round in your player controller.

Once your match is over, the winner is asked to please report the result on MTGMelee. The other player will be asked to confirm the result. If you wish to drop, you can do so on your Player Controller page on MTGMelee.

Also, we offer another fun piece of interaction involving Discord. When you see your matchup MTGMelee, you can go to the voice channel on the Tournament Town Discord that corresponds with your table in the tournament. If you and your opponent both go into the voice channel, you can banter back and forth just like you were playing in a paper tournament.

The Jankyard content channel has been hosting weekly Sunday tournaments of different formats since March on MTG Arena.

This week's format is Gentry.

For Gentry, there are some very specific rules for deck-building:

  1. Traditional 60-card Standard decks with sideboard. That means only cards from these sets: Throne of Eldraine, Theros Beyond Death, Ikoria, M21 and Zendikar Rising.
  2. You are permitted a maximum of 15 uncommons between your main deck and sideboard.
  3. You are permitted a maximum of 4 mythics/rares between your main deck and sideboard and you cannot use more than one of any individual mythic/rare. Plus, for this purpose, Zenith Flare, is considered a rare.

For more info on Gentry, including the meta, check out this website:

Top three finishers, plus three randomly drawn players, will each receive a code for an Individual Card Reward on MTG Arena.

Glitch /jankyardmtg OFFLINE

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* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.