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Gentry Open X Trial

Organized by: The Gentry Magic League

Platform: MTG Arena

This trial is your best chance to win a bye at the Gentry Open if you have not played in any leaderboard events.

Free to Play | Open Registration | Format: Standard | Ended | 14 of 1000 Enrolled Players

This is a Gentry event. Gentry is a budget version of Standard that allows up to 4 one-of Rares and/or Mythics, and up to 15 uncommons. You can read more about the format and find some decklists on our website.

Cost of Entry

This is a free event


This event is played only to win a bye at the Gentry Open, for every 16 players, rounded down, we will grant a bye. So as soon as we hit 17 players, it will be 2 players winning a bye.


We will use the guidelines for swiss events, that means: 9-16 players 5 rounds + Top 4 17-32 players 5 rounds + Top 8 33+ players 6 rounds + Top 8

All matches are to be played in the 'Tournament match' mode. When you challenge someone, do not forget to switch from 'Challenge Match' to 'Tournament match'. Your game will be played in an romanogreek Arena setting, if you have another backdrop, restart your match.


Since this is a unique setting and there are very specific challenges and issues that need to be addressed, please find all measures below.

Open decklist

You will have access to all players' decklists once the event has started. That means you will know what to expect. In round 1, we will giove extra time to check if your opponent has a legal list. From then on you can check that they are playing what they listed. The following issues can happen, and will have the following concequences:

  1. Illegal decklist Arena checks for Standard legality, but not Gentry numbers. If you see your opponent has duplicate rares, more than 4 rares, or more than 15 uncommons, report this to the TO. The penalty for this mistake is a Match Loss due to not being able to enforce a game loss.

  2. Illegal deck If at any point in the match is becomes clear to you that your opponent has cheated by playing something else than the decklist they submitted, make a screenshot of proof and send it to the TO. This screenshot can be of duplicate rares, uncommons they are not supposed to have, etc etc. The penalty for this infraction, if confirmed, is a disqualification.

Connection issues

You are taking responsibility for your internet connection. Only in case the TO notices a Arena server based issue, will match outcome be altered. This is to avoid people "disconnecting" to force a game to restart.


The running of this event relies on people challenging eachother in game. For that reason, rounds will have a very strict timing. When round 1 starts, the starting time for round 2 will also be set and announced. From that announcement, you have 10 minutes to start a match with your opponent. If you are not in game after 10 minutes, contact the TO through the chat on MTGMelee. The starting times for the next round will be fixed, and will never be purposely delayed or made earlier, but they are variable. Round 1 will likely have a rather long time, and we will evaluate as the event proceeds.

Glitch /that_happy_viking OFFLINE


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.