Crew3 Discord Challenge #3 - Webcam Pioneer

Organized by: Crew3 Podcast

Platform: Paper

Free to Play | Invite Only | Format: Pioneer | Ended | 9 of 64 Enrolled Players

The Crew3 Championship is back up for grabs, and this time all limits are off. For our second challenge, we're bringing it back to discord for a webcam tournament. So dust off your paper decks, sleeve up your shiny new companions, and leave it all on the table as you battle it out against other discord members to claim that coveted title of Crew3 Champion. If you think you have what it takes, head over to our discord and grab the code.

Link to the Discord:

To play in this event you will need to be a member of our discord. At the begining of each round you'll get your table assignment and head over to one of our virtual tables/voice channels, and using webcams play out the round with your opponent. Since this is on paper we'll be on a 60min round time to give ample time to play games and let everybody get connected. Number of rounds will be based on player count following the MTR.


Archetype Breakdown

* Record includes mirror matches. Match Win Percentage (MW%) excludes mirror matches.