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Go Again Side Events Package - SCG CON Indianapolis - February 3-5, 2023

Organized by: Star City Games

Platform: Registration Only

Go Again Side Events Bundle includes entry into the Battle Hardened Indianapolis event, two (2) Bronze Event vouchers ($40 value), two (2) Silver Event vouchers ($70 value). an Outsiders "Wreck Havoc" playmat, and a Cold Foil Dash (Young Hero Card).

Entry Fee: $150.00 + $8.73 | Open Registration | Format: Flesh and Blood - Classic Constructed, Flesh and Blood - Blitz, Flesh and Blood - Sealed | Ended | 66 of 400 Enrolled Players

Player Registration
Tournament registration ended .

Health and Safety Information


Players who purchase this package will receive:

  • Cold Foil Dash (Young Hero Card) Promo
  • Outsiders "Wreck Havoc" playmat
  • Two (2) Bronze Event Vouchers
  • Two (2) Silver Event Vouchers
  • Entry to the Battle Hardened Indianapolis

Picking Up Your Go Again Side Events Bundle

Players may collect their vouchers any time throughout the weekend. To do this, speak to any staff at the Main Stage.

Using your Event Vouchers

Players may redeem their vouchers at the stage for entry into any eligible event.

Example Bronze Events:

  • On-Demand Uprising Booster Draft
  • Classic Constructed Event

Example Silver Events

  • Super Armory Event
  • Shapeshifter Sealed Event

Example Gold Event

  • Battle Hardened

To unenroll after you must contact the organizer.

All SCG CON tournaments will be run according to the Tournament Rules for their respective game systems:

Magic: the Gathering Tournament Rules

Flesh and Blood Tournament Rules


  • Players must have accounts in good standing on MTG Melee and Star City Games.
  • Players must not be currently suspended from participating in Magic: The Gathering events, Flesh and Blood events, and/or Star City Games events.
  • Regional eligibility restrictions also apply, void where prohibited.

The full event schedule for SCG CON Indianapolis can be found here.

The organizer has agreed to pay out prizes immediately after the tournament has ended.

SCG CON Indianapolis Website


Please direct any questions regarding SCG CON events to:

You may also ask questions through the SCG CON Discord

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