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MXP Oakland Competitive Commander Tournament

Organized by: Laughing Dragon MTG

Platform: Registration Only

Entry Fee: $60.00 + $3.78 | Open Registration | Format: Commander | Registration | 22 of 128 Enrolled Players

Player Registration

Entry Requirements

Enrolled Players

Competitive Commander Tournament

To unenroll after you must contact the organizer.

We will be utilizing the MSIPG and MSTR created by Monarch. MSTR: MSIPG:

No Proxies will be allowed (this includes no gold bordered cards)

9 am start time 4 person pods 75 min round times 5 rounds, cut to top 16

Lunch break after Round 3 ( approx 1:30 pm)

The organizer has agreed to pay out prizes in 21 days or less.

1st: $900 2nd – 4th: $300 5th – 16th: More prize information coming soon!

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