Deck: 60 cards · Sideboard: 15 cards
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Tournament Path

Rank: 151
Record: 5-3-0
Points: 15

Round Opponent Decklist Result
Round 1 Pedro Arthur Petry Boros Cycling Jakob Helms won 2-0-0
Round 2 Carlos Afonso Colorless Sacrifice Jakob Helms won 2-0-0
Round 3 John Daroen Sahagun Jeskai Control Jakob Helms won 2-0-0
Round 4 Piotr WIktorzak Sultai Flash Jakob Helms won 2-0-0
Round 5 Bruno Oliveira Temur Ramp Bruno Oliveira won 2-1-0
Round 6 Hudson Santos Boros Winota Hudson Santos won 2-0-0
Round 7 Patryk Miarecki Simic Adventures Jakob Helms won 2-1-0
Round 8 Vitor Martins Sultai Ultimatum Vitor Martins won 2-1-0