March's SNC Championship Qualifiers!

By: Brad Nelson

Hey everyone,

I know it's a bit late in the month, but we've finally onboarded all of our Orgs for March's Set Championship Qualifiers. We've got five more happening still this month so be sure to take a look and see if you're ready to get in on the Streets of New Capeena Championship action!

Hooglandia ALCHEMY Open - Sponsored by & March 19th

Jeff Hoogland's back with another Alchemy double-elimination qualifier! Jeff's events are well organized with top-notch coverage as well. Even if you're not interested in playing, be sure to check in on all the action during his live coverage stream.

MTG Arena Zone Championship Series Set Championship Qualifier (Historic): March 20th

Those familiar with The Arena Zone will be pleased to hear they're still running tournaments on, just under the rebranded name DotGG. That means the same energy, effort, and care will be going into their series which includes way to earn byes into their THIRD Set Championship Qualifier on Melee!

Crokeyz Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Tournament: March 27th, Alchemy

Crokeyz is back with another SNC Championship Qualifier, this time with Alchemy! His team hasn't yet posted the tournament page, so be sure to follow him on Twitter for future updates!

$1,000 Cash GGtoor M:TG Arena Cup#3 (Standard): March 26th

If you bust out of Crokey's SNC Championship Qualifier, there's plenty of time to try your hand in GGToor's many hours later!


The last SNC Championship Qualifier for the month is from Five Color Hub. From Chile, Five Color Hub has been a great competitive Organization on Melee for over a year. If you're not familiar with them yet, you should be. Especially after they've run multiple Set Championship Qualifiers with us!

There will be more SNC Championship Qualifiers in April, so tune back in here for more news on those! Oh, and good luck and hope to see you at the next Set Championship!