1/3 January NEO Championship Qualifiers

By: Brad Nelson

Last month we briefly announced The Melee Premium Organizer Program with limited information. Since then we’ve been spending our time during the holiday season onboarding selected Organizers, and today we are happy to announce our Premium Organizers for January! For those who missed this announcement, these organizers will be running tournaments throughout January awarding invites to the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty (NEO) Championship, qualifications to the February Arena Qualifier Weekends, and those handy Arena Gem Codes everyone loves.

Hooglandia: January 8th, Historic

Jeff Hoogland has been running events on Melee.gg since early 2020. Pretty much since we first turned on the servers! Jeff's events are well organized and run, and he even runs top-notch coverage of them as well. Even if you're not interested in playing, be sure to check in on all the action at Twitch.tv/jeffhoogland as I'll (Brad) even be doing a few rounds of coverage!

The Pizza Box: January 16th, Historic

The Pizza Box has been running Brawl and Historic tournaments on Melee for about a year now. They'll also be hosting their own coverage at twitch.tv/hollywoodpizza!

NRG Series: January 22nd, Alchemy

Through an abundance of caution, the NRG Series has postponed their January 8th-9th Trial Weekend in Chicago. That won't be stopping them from running one of their excellent events online with the winner going straight to the Neon Dynasty Championship! Be sure to check this tournament out as Alchemy is still a very fresh and exciting format!

Five Color Hub: January 23rd, Format TBD

From Chile, Five Color Hub has been a great competitive Organization on Melee for over a year. If you're not familiar with them yet, you should be. Especially if you're not qualified for the NEO Championship!

GGtoor: January 29th, Standard

GGtoor has only recently started running tournaments on Melee.gg, but have already made some big waves. Be sure to follow this Organization if you haven't already!

DotGG: January 30th, Alchemy

Those familiar with MTGAZone will be pleased to hear they're still running tournaments on Melee.gg, just under the rebranded name DotGG. They went all out for their NEO Championship running a month-long tournament series to qualify for the prestigious event. Be sure to check out all the details here.

Don't forget that you can follow any of these Organizers on MTG Melee to receive email notification reminders the Monday before the tournaments!