12/11 Alchemy Support Is Live!

By: Brad Nelson

Two weeks ago Wizards of the Coast (WotC) announced a brand new Magic Arena format called Alchemy. If you’re not familiar, I encourage you to check out the Alchemy overview and FAQ, the State of the Game announcement of Alchemy, and finally the Alchemy Rebalancing Philosophy article. It’s always exciting when WotC introduces new things, and always a mad-dash scramble to figure out how we’re going to implement it on Melee. Don’t even get me started on Companions!

One of the most “interesting” aspects of Alchemy from the MTG Melee side of things is for the first time ever two unique cards can share the exact same name. That was going to be… well… a challenge, because we don’t want players in Alchemy events reviewing decklists and seeing the Standard version of rebalanced cards and vice-versa.

We had a couple meetings preparing for this update, but luckily WotC made it super easy on us by including an “A-” in front of every rebalanced card! So for example, “Luminarch Aspirant” is the Standard naming and “A-Luminarch Aspirant” is now the Alchemy/Historic name of the card. This is something you’ll need to know when you input your decklists, but it’s still easiest to just export from Magic Arena and paste it into the Player Controller.

Anywho, Alchemy is now live on the site so you’ll be able to create events, play in them, and then review Alchemy decklists in the decklist database. Oh, and if you have Premium Melee, soon you’ll be able to check out some sweet win percentage data in the Archetype Matrix!