12/11 Introducing Melee News

By: Brad Nelson

Things sure have been exciting for us over these past few months. Years really, but that’s beside the point. Recently we’ve hosted Red Bull Untapped, the Innistrad Championship, fleshed out tabletop support, started our first Premium service, and even now rushed out Alchemy support! I’m for sure forgetting a bunch which is why we decided to start up a news section on our front page. That way, when we have something newsworthy that we want to share, we’ve got some homepage real estate to put it on!

This Melee News section is going to be home to all of our big announcements, latest deployments, and pretty much everything new you need to know that’s happening on MTG Melee. Besides that, nothing else is going to change when it comes to how we get information to you or how you communicate with us. This will just be an additional place for you to find out about what’s been happening on MTG Melee!