Spikefield Hazard // Spikefield Cave

Spikefield Hazard Spikefield Cave

Spikefield Hazard{R}


Spikefield Hazard deals 1 damage to any target. If a permanent dealt damage this way would die this turn, exile it instead.

"Stop screaming! You'll only bring down more spikes." —Raff Slugeater, goblin shortcutter

Spikefield Cave


Spikefield Cave enters the battlefield tapped.
{T}: Add {R}.

"Silence until we're through. Even a whisper's echo can dislodge death from above." —Raff Slugeater, goblin shortcutter

Uncommon from Zendikar Rising (ZNR)
Released: 9/25/2020
Illustrated by: Tomasz Jedruszek